Ew girl stuff!

So I think I’m going to change focus here a little bit. I make fun of romance novels because sexy times are so ripe for vast amounts of bullshit. I mean, do you have any idea how many times I’ve read the phrase “her centre of desire”? WAY TOO MANY. It’s a fuckin’ clitoris, people.

But at the same time, A) lots of books are bad as fuck and B) I don’t want to make it seem like it’s the “girl things are bad” styles either. Honestly, I’d never read any romance in my life at all, other than the sex scenes in various paperbacks (the weirder the better!). After reading that Tessa Dare and enjoying it, I realized there was no good reason not to read them — I have a habit of reading lots and lots of dubiously literary works; romance novels are not going to be a shameful secret next to the dumb shit I often read.

So, Tessa Dare won the honour of being the first romance author I purchased. Granted, this was out of desperation due to a confluence of Kobo disaster, but even so that’s high praise indeed. In the 2.5 years I’ve owned an e-reader, I’ve purchased under 20 books. And half of those are trilogies and uh…quintilogies? Sextopolies? If GRRM ever finishes?

Anyhoo, I’ve now read a bunch of her books/novellas. I noticed a few complaints on GoodReads that her plots are historically inaccurate. Well, duh. These are romance novels. They are usually not written with the aim of being livre verite. Otherwise I am sorry to inform you but they would generally be far less entertaining.

As for actual reviews: I’m backed up on books here, including a couple of non-romance deelios. I had better get moving on those before the list gets even longer (I was going to say “before I forget them” but at the best of times I just attempt to retain a general sense of what I was irritated by. That’s as good as it gets in my head.).

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2 Responses to Ew girl stuff!

  1. flannelducky says:

    Oh my god. Is that what center of desire means?

    I had never managed to figure it out before.

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